About Scott Latyn

Well, how did I get here?

I spent a long time trying to avoid becoming the PowerPoint Guy. 

As an agency Art Director in big pharma, getting too good at PowerPoint was unequivocally negative. It meant dealing with an unwieldly program, fixing account department reports and trying to make the uninteresting interesting. And while you were doing that, you weren't getting tagged for the "juicy" concepting assignments, the stuff that lead to expensive photoshoots and industry awards.

"I'll do it, but I'm not becoming the PowerPoint person," we'd say.

When my agency at the time enrolled me in a team competition for young advertising professionals, something possessed me to volunteer to handle the deck for my team. I learned Keynote more or less from scratch, and found that I quite liked it. We won.

A few years later I found myself at a small, boutique agency in desperate need of new business, and I volunteered to be the deck guy again, for pitch after pitch. I started studying the work of Emiland De Cubber and Nancy Duarte. I realized I had a knack for this sort of storytelling, developing a professional obsession with the simple, visual communication of ideas, one that played well with a lifelong love of making convincing, inarguable points. I realized that I didn't have to worry about becoming the PowerPoint Guy.

I could be the Presentation Guy.

In December 2014 I bounced from agency life and struck out on my own as a freelance Presentation Design Consultant. Since then, I've had a blast working with dozens of companies in a range of industries, anxious to improve the quality of their presentations and data visualization, impress their clients with memorable and engaging content, and win business.

It's a pretty sweet gig.

Personal Life

Outside of the professional thing, I’m a huge comic book fan, an admitted music snob, and continue to refine my old man game on the soccer field a few times a week. I watch as much Chopped as I can, and spend way more time running a fantasy basketball league than my wife would prefer.


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